Many people know the Maldives as an ideal destination for honeymooners and lovers of sunbathing, swimming in the blue water and run on the white sand with gentle heels. All this is certainly cool and present there in full, but few people know that this place is one of the best conditions for surfing on earth. There are no waves crashing on the sand, which are suitable for beginners. All spots are quite powerful and not always safe reef breaks. 


Every time I come to the Maldives, I try to discover a new spot: there are enough of them around the Islands. The most popular are Sultans, Jails, Honkys, Cokes, Chickens, located on the Northern atolls. These are the most accessible waves, which are only half an hour by boat from the airport. They work in almost any weather, even if one break is "blown out", you can swim across the channel and ride on the other. Most people don't go further than this place, and I fully understand them. The waves are varied, around-a lot of surf camps, all close and convenient. But that is why the load here is very large, and in the season on the reef have to talk. 


So this time we went to explore new places on the southern atolls, where promised a huge swell, and many spots began to work under such conditions. 


Coming to the Maldives for surfing, it is best to live on a boat, depending on the weather and forecast, it was possible to quickly move, and at the same time, to avoid the crowd on the wave. So, every two days we moved to a new place, and managed to ride almost all the southern spots, which will be discussed. 


The well-known training wave called Kandooma right in high water is ideal for longboard, but in the low its internal section is very cheerfully collapsing and suitable for shortboard riding. We rode it alone for a few days. Yes there is a week were a lot of calls when on a wave, apart from us, nobody was there. 

I really liked the place called Foxes: the long left wave in the ebb ends on the stones, but in the tide you can go on it for a very long time. And literally "across the road" from it is Riptides: the right wave, a little shorter, but with a good vertical section. 


There is another place that surprised me on this trip, but I, unfortunately, can not say its name yet. When we saw it, we just couldn't believe our eyes. More correct wave-a sharp wall of the pipe from the peak to the channel - in the Maldives I have not met. Some Australian surfers drove for 7 seconds in the tube. The wave ends in shallow water in high tide, or on bare reefs in low tide, leaving the rider no chance if time has not jumped. It was seen as sometimes surfers in the "crab pose" climbed over these stones. But worth it. If you close your eyes and imagine the perfect wave from the movie, it's her. I hope to return there again. 


On the way back we spent a few days on the Central atolls, rode the famous Sultans and went to Ninjas, where we were again in splendid isolation, and with a smile on his face went to the airport. 

After this trip, I was convinced once again: there is no better place for a "week" surfing than Maldives. Moreover, the waves are here all year round. I am sure we will definitely return, because there are still a lot of new spots.


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