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by AnkerCompany Admin |

The first real waves I saw in Mauritius and for several years visited all the main spots of the island, as it seemed to me then. But one day during the lull, when there were no waves, the local guys offered me to see another place. Then " all " and began. 


Spot Anchor from the shore is not visible, it is right in the middle of the reef ridge a few kilometers from the island. Without knowing the exact coordinates, it is almost impossible to find it. Only flying at a low altitude, you can see the old anchor, stuck in the reef, which gave the name of the point. Anker has become the place where we return every year and now serves as the symbol and name of our company. 


The peculiarity of this spot is that you can always surf here. Even if there are no conditions on the main breaks, you can still ride on the Anchor. Not very fast, but with a pipe section a constant left wave, turns into a heavy wall during a good match. 


Even locales do not often appear on this spot. This may be due to both the inconvenient location and the fact that just 300 meters from the line-up is the Strait of Saint-Jacques (Saint Jack), where sharks live. But for me it's one of the best places to surf, where time stops, there's no struggle for travel and extra thoughts, only perfect waves crashing down on the reef.